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Old, Old Story: Beginning (Gen. 1:26-31)

During Lent at Andrews UMC, we’re taking a look at five of the most important Old Testament stories and how they might help us better understand why Easter Sunday is so worth celebrating. *** In the beginning, God created… everything. In six orderly days, God made heavens and earth, sun and moon, water and land, […]

Transfigured | Matthew 17:1-9

Transfigured. Greek: metamorphoomai. “Metamorphosed.” In today’s Scripture, Jesus is transfigured. This isn’t a word we use often in everyday speak. To put it more plainly, we might say that Jesus went up on a mountain with three of his closest followers and was changed – changed into his 100%, unadulterated, Divine self. Like Clark Kent […]

Die | Mark 8:34-38

Today we remember our predecessor in the church, Polycarp. For those who – like me – remember little about this Saint of our faith, Polycarp was the Bishop in Smyrna (modern day Turkey) in the 2nd century. At that time, Christians weren’t being sought out for persecution, but if they were accused and they refused […]