Monthly Archives: April 2019

Earth Day and the New Earth

Revelation 21:1-8 The book of Revelation sometimes gets a bad rap.  It’s full of visions that a guy named John received – visions about the future that are sometimes pretty strange or even scary, I’ll admit.  Some of those were related to the near future of John’s first century Roman world, so they’ve already happened.  […]

Following Jesus Through Death

John 20:1-18 Today is an especially good day to be a follower of Christ. I mean – every day is a good day to be a follower of Christ.  It’s what we were created for.  We were made in God’s image, so our best lives happen when we’re reflecting that divine spark.  Jesus Christ is […]

Jesus Knew

John 13:1-17, 31b-35 It was the night before the Passover, John tells us.  Jesus and his twelve closest followers were having supper together. To the disciples, it may have felt like any other kind of meal… but Jesus knew that it wasn’t. Jesus knew that this was the beginning of the end.  Jesus knew that […]

Following Jesus by Serving

John 12:12-16 and John 13:1-20 For almost 40 days, we’ve been following Jesus.  We’ve seen how he prayed, healed, taught, forgave, and went – and we’ve worked to follow that example in our everyday lives. Today, we follow Jesus into Jerusalem… which means joining a parade. This particular parade was fit for a king.  Literally.  […]

Following Jesus by Going

We are followers of Christ.  Always – but especially this Lent.  Week by week we’re working on sticking close to Christ through Scripture, through the body of Christ (the church), and through the Holy Spirit.  And week by week we’re trying to better follow the example he set. Today, we take that almost literally.  We […]

Following Jesus in Forgiveness

We are followers of Christ.  That means we follow Jesus closely:  reading about him through Scripture, experiencing him through the body of Christ we call “church,” and walking daily with him thanks to the Holy Spirit. But following Christ doesn’t end there.  It also means following his example in our own lives by living and […]