Monthly Archives: April 2018

All Differently

1 Corinthians 12:12-27 You are a part of the body of Christ. This might be Paul’s most famous image – and for good reason.  A good metaphor is one that’s universally relatable, and what’s more universally relatable than a body?  We’ve all got one.  We live in it.  We know what it’s like to need […]


1 Peter 2:1-10 You are invited to a holy priesthood.  You. Don’t feel like “priestly” material?  You’re not alone; it’s normal to feel a little below the standard.  Even we pastors have days when we feel more “ordinary” than “ordained.”  We are all human; we are all flawed; we are all sinful.  And yet… we […]

How One Woman Was Changed

John 4:7-29 This is the story of how one woman was changed. It doesn’t start as you might think.  This woman hadn’t gone off looking to be changed.  She wasn’t on a soul-searching journey; she was right where she always was, going through the motions of her daily routine in her Samaritan town. And then […]

Grief and Joy

John 20:11-18 Mary Magdalene is standing just outside the tomb, crying.  Two angels are sitting in the tomb.  They look out, and see her, and ask a question that has often frustrated me: “Why are you crying?” I remember the first time I got asked that.  I wasn’t quite a teenager yet, but almost.  I […]

Don’t Be Amazed?

Mark 16:1-8 It’s Easter Sunday! He is risen!  The tomb is empty!  Jesus is alive! There was a special energy in our sanctuary this morning.  I could see it in the maximum capacity crowd, dressed to the nine’s in their Easter best.  I could hear it when we sang “Christ the Lord is risen today!” […]