Monthly Archives: December 2017

Manger Scene: Jesus

Tonight we gather in the dark, in the quiet last hours before Christmas morning.  Some of us are here to sing the songs and hear the Scripture like we do each year.  Some of us are here to sit next to family or see old friends or just to be together with others who believe.  […]

Manger Scene: Wise Men

Matthew 2:1-12 As we place the next-to-last figures around the manger scene, I need to teach you two things.  The first is that – as idyllic as our manger scene looks – all these people weren’t actually there at the same time.  When Matthew tells us about the wise men, he says they visited Mary […]

Manger Scene: Shepherds

Luke 2:8-20 After placing Joseph and Mary around the manger, today we continue building the set with the shepherds. Shepherds were ordinary guys. Ordinary guys who worked with animals, to be more specific (thanks, Robert Tannehill). They were the kind of person who could visit, say, a manger and not feel out of place. They […]

Manger Scene: Mary

Luke 1:26-38 Today we continue building our manger scene with Mary… the one who found herself unexpectedly pregnant and had faith enough to accept it. I have to believe that finding out you’re pregnant is always kind of shocking.  When I discovered I was pregnant with Eleanor, our oldest, it was very much planned for […]

Manger Scene: Joseph

Matthew 1:18-25 During Advent we at Andrews UMC are building a manger scene, adding a piece each week until Christmas Eve.  Today we begin with Joseph… which means, today we’re talking about Jesus’ earthly dad. I have always been a daddy’s girl.  I aspire to be like Dad in all important things, from the way […]