Monthly Archives: May 2017

Why Broken Bread?

Luke 24:13-35 This is a story of two apostles who saw the risen Jesus… but almost didn’t. They’re on the road to a town called Emmaus – a long walk from Jerusalem.  They’re upset and the walking isn’t distracting them from their worries.  When I’m upset, I want to talk and talk and talk about […]

Don’t Shove God in My Face

Acts 17:16-34 I don’t like it when God is shoved in my face. Once, as a freshman in college, I was innocently walking across campus when two girls appeared out of nowhere.  They must have said “hello” or something – I mean, surely – but all I remember is an abrupt and aggressive invitation to […]

What’s the point?

Acts 7:54-60 All week long I’ve struggled with the point of this passage.  What are we supposed to get out of this sad story? Maybe the point is that things don’t always go well for us Christians.  This seems like stating the obvious, but sometimes things do go so well that we come to expect […]

Better Together

Acts 2:42-47 Peter preached the first Christian sermon to the Pentecost crowd in Acts 2. He explained that Jesus was a man who did amazing things, a man they crucified but God raised up. The crowd responded by asking, “What do we do?” Peter told them to repent, to be baptized, to be forgiven, to […]

What do we do?

Acts 2:14, 36-41 When Peter delivered the first Christian sermon to the first Christian converts, he laid out the facts like this: Jesus was a man Whose actions showed he was more than just a man You crucified him But God raised him up And when the crowd heard this Good News, they cheered! …actually, […]

First Sermon EVER

Acts 2:14a, 22-32 Easter is hard to understand. If you don’t believe me, then I dare you to try and explain it to a toddler.  True, Easter is the BEST DAY EVER and toddlers love any excuse to celebrate.  But as soon as you try to explain why you’re celebrating things start to go downhill. […]