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Matthew 5:1-12 Jesus called the first four disciples to follow him – and when they did, he proved he wasn’t bluffing.  He led them all around the northern region of Galilee as he taught and healed.  Everywhere Jesus went, more followed.  Crowds began to form. But one day he stopped.  He climbed a mountain (more […]


Matthew 4:12-23 This is a story about the day Jesus called his first disciples. Jesus is walking along the shore of the Sea of Galilee.  Its water isn’t much different from the clean mountain lakes here in far-Western North Carolina.  Its shore line is; less of a steep drop off and more of a gentle […]


Romans 6:1-11 Today we’re talking about baptism.  And having grown up in Florida, I know something a thing or two about water. There were many summer days when we lived in our bathing suits.  For many daylight hours we were actually in the water, jumping off the dock or swimming laps in the pool to […]

The Perfect Gift

Matthew 2:1-12 As of December 13th I have a new niece.  Her name is Scarlet, and although I haven’t met her I’m confident that she’s sweet and beautiful and perfect.  Hopefully I’ll get to confirm all that with an in-person encounter before too long. Christmas provided a great opportunity to compensate for my absence with […]