Monthly Archives: October 2016

Help Someone Different

Luke 10:25-37 Clarifying questions are important. Like the one the lawyer puts to Jesus.  Sure, the “Greatest Commandment” is to love God and love our neighbor as ourselves.  But he wants to know:  who, exactly, counts as our neighbor? After spending the better part of my life trying to live into this command, I’d like […]

Speaking God’s [Love] Language

Matthew 22:34-40 Have you ever noticed how the greatest commandments – to love God and love neighbor – are really simple… and also really, really complicated? That’s because love is complicated.  I’ll give you five reasons why.  Actually – Gary Chapman will give you five reasons why:  the five love languages. Chapman came up with […]

Love and Praise

There are so many questions that Jesus answered less-than-clearly.  Often he answered a question with a round-about story, like in Luke 10:25-37: Q:         “Who is my neighbor?” A:         “Once on the way from Jerusalem to Jericho, a man got robbed blind and beaten half to death…” Other times Jesus answers a question with […]