Monthly Archives: July 2016

Greed and Investment

Luke 12:13-21 It all starts with a request. Moments earlier Jesus was teaching the crowd about the trouble that’s coming – trouble so bad it might even threaten their lives.  “Don’t be afraid of those who want to kill you,” Jesus says.  “Our God who takes care of each little bird will take care of […]


Revelation 3:15-22 Today is the end of a four-week series on our stained glass windows in the church.  During this process I’ve learned that there is some debate about which Bible story each of these images represents.  It seems I say, “Jesus the Good Shepherd,” and some of you say, “King David the Shepherd.” I […]

Retelling the Story

Matthew 28:1-10 I don’t know about your family, but whenever mine gets together we tell lots of stories.  Take our trip to the beach last week.  I was there with my dad, my younger brother, Julian, and my youngest brother, Warren (and our spouses and kids).  When we get together we have no shortage of […]