Monthly Archives: June 2016

1 and 99

Matthew 18:10-14 This is the first of a four-week sermon on the stained glass windows at Andrews UMC. You might call this the parable of the bad shepherd, and I’ll show you why.  How many sheep is Jesus holding in this picture? One.  Yes, just one. There are just a few sheep standing around him […]

What’s Wrong With a Tower?

Genesis 11:1-9 What’s so wrong about a tower? I mean, towers are cool.  Let me show you proof: Flocks of tourists migrate to these towers each year.  People love them.  More to the point, God did not intervene to thwart their construction by causing a communication issue. So what’s up with the so-called Tower of […]

One Righteous Man

Genesis 6:11-22 In all the earth, there was only one righteous man. In this time – long, long ago – there was an abundance of corruption and violence and a shortage of righteousness.  So God decides to hit the restart button on the whole deal:  a 40-day flood to wipe out every living person.  Every […]