Monthly Archives: May 2016

Sibling Rivalry

Genesis 4:1-16 This is the story of the first siblings. Cain and Abel were the two sons of Adam and Eve.  They were alike and different, as brothers often are.  They both worked to cultivate growth, but for Abel it was among his sheep and for Cain it was among his plants. It comes time […]


There is this trend right now on social media to post pictures with the hashtag “Sunday Funday.”  Here I am at the beach:  #sundayfunday.  Here’s me and my dog on a hike:  #sundayfunday!  Here were are at brunch:  #sundayfunday! I have a confession:  #sundayfunday really annoys me.  Because I’m a pastor.  And none of these […]

They Weren’t Drunk.

Acts 2:1-21 They weren’t drunk, but apparently they looked like it. On the day of Pentecost the disciples were all in one place.  Then, something amazing happened:  The Holy Spirit arrived!  But not in the heart-strangely-warmed way we’re used to in the Methodist tradition.  No, in this case there’s wind rushing and tongues of fire […]

Higher Standards

Acts 1:1-11 I didn’t know what to expect when Alan and I exchanged gifts for the first time. It was Christmas of 2005 and we had only been dating since August.  With a short five months of real relationship time under our belts, I wasn’t sure what kind of present Alan might think up.  We […]

Gospel In Motion

Mark 1:21-45 Bible Pop Quiz:  Where does this line come from? “And Jesus remained there at Simon’s house for about a year, taking it easy and letting the people come to him if they wanted.” You’re no dummy, so you probably sense that this is a trick.  That line doesn’t show up anywhere in Scripture.  […]