Monthly Archives: April 2016

What Binds Us Together

Acts 11:1-18 What makes a group, a group? It’s almost always some factor held in common.  A mom’s club is defined by their parental status.  The motorcyclists cruising up and down the Tail of the Dragon around here are bound together by their bikes.  My dad’s close friends call their group “CFS” – “Can’t Fix […]

An Easter Paradox

Psalm 23 Lemme tell you about a paradox. A paradox is two seemingly opposite things that come together in a surprisingly true way.  If you’re familiar with some of Jesus’ sayings, you’re familiar with paradox because a lot of them fit into this category.  Like, “whoever wants to be first must be last” (Mark 10:44) […]

Do Over (or, The Gospel in Emoticons)

John 21:1-19 Today we’ve got a great story:  not catching fish, catching fish, sharing breakfast, feeding sheep…  But before we really dig into that, we need to take a look at the background.  Specifically, let’s look at the background of one of the main characters, Peter.  We’ll rely on the gospel of John to give […]

Doubt and Faith

John 20:19-31 Have you ever had one moment – one isolated incident – that stuck you with a nickname? I have a friend called “Dome.”  I’ve known him for twenty years.  Once, a just a few months before I met him, he shaved his head.  I don’t know whether the end result was particularly good […]