Monthly Archives: March 2016

Adjust to the Light

John 20:1-18 I wonder how dark it was in the tomb. Not very dark, probably.  John tells us that when the first disciple arrives, he can see the linens lying there without going in.  Then Peter goes in and he can see not just the linens but also the napkin that had been on Jesus’ […]

A New Commandment

John 13:1-17, 31b-35 In the church we sometimes have the bad habit of using unusual words as though they’re perfectly usual, with the end result that we sound like some sort of insider club.  “Intinction.”  “Vestments.”  “Exegesis.”  “Eucharist.” And today there’s “Maundy.”  If you invited a friend to come to church for the first time […]

Waiting Expectantly

Luke 23:50-56 On the Saturday before Easter… nothing happened. Okay, I’m over-exaggerating.  Something happened.  But in one sense, nothing happened, because the Saturday before Easter was the Sabbath.  Just in case we might not put two and two together on this point, Luke 23:56 reminds us:  “On the Sabbath they rested according to the commandment.”  […]

The Truth

I was fortunate enough to get to preach this sermon at St. William Catholic Church for their Wednesday Lenten services.  Thanks so much to my friends in Christ for inviting me – it was a beautiful service! John 8:31-42 I have a friend who is always speaking her mind.  Maybe you have a friend like this, […]

As Bad As It Gets

Matthew 27:45-50 A few years ago Stephen King wrote a novel called Under the Dome.  Based on the author, you can already guess that it’s a bit of a scary story.  More specifically, it’s about a small town in Maine that is suddenly trapped in a clear, impenetrable dome.  It doesn’t take long for resources […]


John 13:1-17 Who do you most admire? It might be someone from your childhood:  a teacher; a coach; a youth director; a grandparent; a parent.  It could be someone you look up to now:  a supervisor; a community leader; a professor; an author; a pastor. Of all these kinds of people, who is the one […]