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What was Judas thinking? He was one of a dozen men who were closer to Jesus than anyone.  They heard more of his teaching, spent more time with him, saw more of what he did than anyone.  They were considered his friends. So how could Judas do it?  How could he hand Jesus over? The […]

Den of Robbers

Matthew 21:12-17 On the Monday before he died, Jesus got mad.   Well, I guess it doesn’t say “Jesus got mad” in Matthew 21, but that’s the only way I can picture this scene going down.  Jesus walks into the Temple – not the inner sanctuary but the outer courtyard where people are selling animals […]

God is Not a Teddy Bear

Psalm 99 God is our friend. Isn’t that amazing?  After washing the disciples’ feet Jesus tells them that they’re his friends – several times, in fact (John 15:13-15).  Jesus is our friend.  God is our friend. I was fortunate to grow up in a church that taught me about this loving God who wants to […]