Monthly Archives: December 2015


Luke 2:8-20 There have been shepherds since the beginning of things.  Or at least since the second generation. Abel was Adam’s son, according to Genesis 4.  He was a “keeper of sheep”… until his brother killed him, at least.  But the profession wouldn’t die with him; Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob all shared the role of […]

Birth and Grace

From the Christmas Eve candlelight service. Tonight we remember when a Jewish man learned that his fiancee was pregnant, and it was not good news. He and his bride-to-be were, after all, in a binding relationship; it was much more formal than modern-day engagements.  They weren’t living together and yet they were committed to a […]


Luke 2:1-7 The first time we drove to Florida with our kids we learned a lesson.  Well, we learned many lessons, really – but one in particular about hotel reservations. Before kids the trip to St. Petersburg was a ten-hour drive straight through, eating fast food in the car and happily passing the time with […]


Luke 1:26-38 Today in worship the kids presented their annual Christmas play, reminding us that this season is all about the gift.  And by “gift,” we don’t mean a PS4 or a pair of roller skates or whatever it is you’re hoping for; we mean the best gift of Jesus Christ. This has gotten me […]

A Message From the Messenger

Luke 3:1-6 The good news of Jesus Christ starts with a messenger:  John the Baptist. The gospel of Mark opens with John out in the wilderness preaching his message.  And although John’s beginning is “In the beginning,” the first character to appear and take action is the Baptist. Matthew and Luke start another way, with […]