Monthly Archives: October 2015

Hello, Prophets.

Numbers 11:10-17, 24-25 Hello, Prophets! I know, I know. Last week you were “priests,” this week it’s “prophets.” You’re probably catching on that this is a technique to get your attention, with a point coming shortly about how you’re all prophets. But this is more than just attention-getting – this is necessity. As far as […]

Hello, Priests.

Isaiah 61:1-6 Hello, priests! That’s right – priests.  Did you hear it in the Scripture for today?  Isaiah 61:6 says: “…you shall be called priests of the LORD, you shall be named ministers of our God…” If this is ringing a bell, you might remember similar language from 1 Peter 2: “…you are a chosen race, […]

You’re Perfect (For Real)

Matthew 5:43-48 After the last three weeks, I hope you’ll be able to remember John Wesley’s three kinds of grace. If you forget, just remember the title to that musical: First comes “I Love You.” That’s God’s prevenient grace. Prevenient simply means “before,” so this is God’s great “I love you!” to us before we […]