Monthly Archives: April 2015

Get Un-Rich Scheme

Acts 4:32-35 You’ve heard of a get rich quick scheme, right? That unrequested phone call or internet pop-up with lots of promises: Small investment! Low risk! High returns! If you’re not familiar with get rich quick schemes, let me introduce you by way of one of the scheme-iest of them all. It starts with an […]


Acts 4:1-12 I want to be a super hero. I love super hero stories. I followed Spider-man as a teenager – you know, nerdy Peter Parker swinging around New York City and using his Spidey-sense to fight crime. I have a special place in my heart for Wolverine with his scruffy sideburns and adamantium claws. […]

Fully Human

Acts 3:1-16 Two men cross paths with a beggar on the street. The beggar, lame since birth, needs money. That’s why he’s chosen to sit outside the Temple at 3 o’clock in the afternoon. It’s the time of day for faithful Jews to go give alms and pray, which means that it’s a time when […]

No Way!

Mark 16:1-8 We’ve been on the way. This Lent at Andrews UMC, we have followed Jesus’ way around the Holy Land (thanks to Adam Hamilton and his helpful resources). Starting with Jesus’ baptism in the Jordan River, we’ve followed him through the temptation in the wilderness, up north to his healing ministry in Capernaum, into the […]