Monthly Archives: November 2014


Scripture:  Philippians 1:3-11 Right now, I have Georgia on my mind. That’s because tomorrow I leave for LaGrange, GA. It’s my dad’s hometown, and the site of almost every Thanksgiving I can remember. We do a big family deal, one that start with my grandma, her sister, and her brother. From there, we move to […]

What Makes a Sheep?

Today’s Scripture:  Matthew 25:31-46 Unfortunately, this is not a parable. It would be a lot easier to hear if it was, right? If this was a metaphor, an allegory, a story we’re meant to glean some meaning out of, then it might stay at some comfortable theoretical distance. But Jesus doesn’t start by saying, “The […]

Out of the Box

This week’s Scripture:  Matthew 25:14-30 When you get a brand-new toy, still in the packaging, you have two choices: Leave it in the box, guaranteeing that it will never be tormented by sticky-fingered children. Or open it up to play with it… knowing that it will probably end up looking like this. Jesus’ parable of […]


Today’s Scripture:  Revelation 7 144,000 doesn’t seem like a lot of people. Many people today recognize this number as having to do with the end times. It comes from the vision-experience that John had sometime between 68 and 95 BC.* This is the vision that he wrote about in a letter to seven churches, the […]