Monthly Archives: October 2014

There’ll never be anyone like so-and-so…

Today’s Scripture:  Deuteronomy 34:1-12. “There’ll never be anyone like Moses.” That’s pretty much what the Scripture for today is saying. On one level, I get it: Moses was an incredible leader, an amazing man of God. But on another level: this kind of talk drives me crazy, even when it’s about someone as great as […]

Laity Sunday sharing: Victoria Rogers

Yesterday we recognized “Laity Sunday,” a day to celebrate the ministry of Christians of all ages in the home, workplace, congregation, community, and world.  Two members of Andrews UMC shared about their experience of God.  This is from Victoria Rogers, who gave birth to two beautiful (and premature) twins in December.  Follow her blog at I […]

Build It Up

Sunday’s Scripture:  Philippians 3:4b-14 Build it up…  tear it down…  build it up. Paul starts Sunday’s Scripture by building up his past religious life. “I have more reason than anyone to boast on what I did,” he says. And he stacks up his accomplishments like a tower built of blocks: Circumcised on the eight day. […]