Monthly Archives: September 2014


Today’s Scripture:  Philippians 2:1-14 This letter started in prison. It was written by the apostle Paul, the missionary to the Gentiles. He’s writing to the first church he founded in Europe. This letter was received in Philippi, a commercially important city because of nearby gold mines and its location on a major east-west trading route. […]

Torn Between

Philippians 1:21-30 I have had a hard time deciding before. To break up with someone, or to work things out? To quit a job or stick with it? To move or to stay? I have been that person perched up on the fence, unable to drop off to one side or another. I have been […]


(Today’s Scripture:  Exodus 12:1-14) Instructions are boring. I am reminded of this daily because I have small children.  When I sit them still to give them instructions, their gaze almost immediately leaves my face and floats off toward some shiny object across the room.  But we adults find instructions dull, too.  Halfway through a set of […]