Who Dat?

Today’s Scripture:  Exodus 3:1-15

Students have returned to school.  Summer is taking a turn toward fall.  It’s the time of year when the air is filled with the sounds of…

Ah, football.  And if you’re a Saints fan – or even just an NFL fan – then you’re familiar with the New Orleans battle cry:

“Who dat?  Who dat?  Who dat say dey gonna beat dem Saints?”

If you’re unfamiliar with this chant, then let me break it down for you like an English major.  It’s a rhetorical question, meaning it’s not meant to be responded to.  The answer is implied.  Who dat gonna beat dem Saints?  No one.  No one is gonna beat dem Saints.

Today’s Scripture includes a more serious question.  God shows up in a burning bush that is not burned.  Then God tells Moses that he will be the one God uses to liberate the Israelites from Egypt.

“Who am I?” Moses asks.

Moses must be feeling like he doesn’t meet the prerequisites for this assignment.  He isn’t a charismatic public speaker.  He’s got a bit of a shady past, what with that Egyptian soldier incident and all.  Who is Moses to lead the Israelites out of slavery?

I’ve asked this same question myself.  Maybe you have, too.
When I began to teach the Bible to others: “Who am I?”
When we realize how many hungry people need to be fed: “Who am I?”
When I first felt called to preach:  “Who am I?”
When we think of those in prison who need a visit: “Who am I?”
When we see how things need to change, and someone needs to get it started: “Who am I?”

But we – like Moses – are asking the wrong question.

God’s answer to Moses doesn’t have anything to do with Moses; it has everything to do with God.  “I will be with you,” God says.

Do you realize what this means?
It means, “Who dat?” is actually the right question.

When God calls you, you might wonder – like Moses – “Who am I?”
But what’s most important is, “Who is that?”
And the one who calls you
will be the one who is with you.



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