Monthly Archives: August 2014

Who Dat?

Today’s Scripture:  Exodus 3:1-15 Students have returned to school.  Summer is taking a turn toward fall.  It’s the time of year when the air is filled with the sounds of… Ah, football.  And if you’re a Saints fan – or even just an NFL fan – then you’re familiar with the New Orleans battle cry: […]

Shifting the Balance

Today’s Scripture:  Exodus 1:8 – 2:10 The story of Exodus 1 is a familiar one, even if you’ve never read the Old Testament. It’s a story of a powerful force pitted against a small one. In the powerful corner: Egypt. After becoming a unified state in 3150 BC, Egypt was a mighty empire for thousands […]


Today’s Scripture:  Matthew 15:21-28 The best I can tell, there is only one place in the gospels where someone wins an argument against Jesus. Jesus has just been arguing with the Pharisees, besting them every time. He withdraws to the region of Tyre and Sidon, way up north on the Mediterranean coast. There he runs […]

Bless Their Hearts | James 4:11-12

“Bless her heart.” If you’re not from the south, you may be under the (mistaken) impression that this expression is meant to bestow some kind of blessing.  Usually, we southerners will bless someone’s heart just before or after some kind of sideways criticism, such as: “Bless her heart, she just burns everything she cooks.” Or, “Bless […]