Monthly Archives: January 2014

Jesus Came to My House, Once | Luke 10:38-42

Jesus ate at my house, once. Well, it’s not just my house; my sister, Mary, and I live in Bethany together. Jesus and his disciples were on their way to Jerusalem when they passed through our town. This is where keeping a tidy house has its advantages: As soon as I saw them, I knew […]

Neighbor is a Verb | Luke 10:25-37

The answer to the question is, “Go and do likewise.” The question comes from a lawyer, an expert in the Jewish law. And it’s a follow-up question. The original inquiry was, “What do I need to do to inherit eternal life?” “What does the Bible say?” Jesus asks. (Note how he answers the question with […]

Baptism | Matthew 3:13-17

Isn’t a little… uncomfortable…┬áthat John baptizes Jesus? John wasn’t comfortable with it: “I need to be baptized by you, and do you come to me?” (v. 14). The early church wasn’t fully comfortable, either. In the 2nd century, Ignatius of Antioch explained the event by saying that Jesus was purifying the water – not the […]

Star | Matthew 2:1-12

In this week’s Scripture, many people are looking for Christ. Some find him. Others don’t. The Wise Men are the ones who find Christ. These “magi” were probably Babylonian or Persian astrologers, so it’s appropriate that they follow a star. Then there is King Herod. He was a great builder, a powerful leader, and a […]