Monthly Archives: December 2013

Let’s Go! | Luke 2:8-20

As New Year’s Eve approaches, you might already be thinking of your excuse for staying home. “It’ll be too crowded.” “The roads are too dangerous.” “I can’t stay up until midnight.” There are plenty of good reasons to just stay home. There always are. But not for the shepherds. I imagine the angels appearing to […]

Peace | Luke 2:1-7

Today we lit an advent candle to remember Christ, our Prince of Peace. But I have a question: Was the first Christmas – the birth of Christ – peaceful at all? Mary and Joseph traveled about 80 miles to Bethlehem, on foot and donkey. One of them was 9 months pregnant. When I was pregnant, […]

Joy | Luke 1:46-55

Parents: have you noticed the change in children’s programming lately? Every show my 3-year-old watches is like a mini-musical, with the characters bursting into song every few minutes. I have my own cynical theories about the reasons behind this (selling soundtrack CDs, perhaps?), but the end result is clear: Our home life is a ridiculous […]

Way | Matthew 3:1-12

“Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” This is not always true. Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, if we don’t have a way… we’re still lost. I learned this in memorable fashion when I tried to hike a “winter 14er.” In February 2003 my roommate and I attempted to summit one of Colorado’s […]

Hope | Jeremiah 33:14-16

The world is a bleak place without hope. As evidence, I submit my journal entry from 12/14/88: “I am looking forward to Christmas vacation. But also, no presents under our tree yet. Only my 7 year old brother and I have put presents under the tree!”* For a kid at Christmas, the hope is that […]