King | Luke 23:32-38

Today, on the last day of the church year, we remember Christ our King.

Exactly what kind of king is that?
A King Henry VIII kind of king?
A King Tut kind?
A Lion King kind?
A Burger King kind?


Rembrandt’s “The Three Crosses” (1653).

Luke 23 doesn’t describe any normal kind of king.
The traditional kings of our imaginations lead the charge into battle. Jesus, on the other hand, is marched to his cross. The king we’d hope for would win the war to save us all. Jesus is mocked three times because he can’t even save himself.

And yet, Luke makes it clear that Jesus *is* king. The soldiers and the sign over his head make fun of Jesus by calling him, “the King of the Jews.” Luke records these words said in sarcasm for us, his readers, to understand as truth. Even while hanging on a cross – especially while hanging on a cross – Jesus is our king.

In a wonderful twist in God’s great story, Jesus’ defeat is the ultimate triumph. Jesus taught his disciples that “those who lose their life for my sake will save it” (Luke 9:23). Jesus loses his life and not only saves it, but saves ours, as well.

This is our kind of king. A king who wins battles by losing them.

Our king is unique, and so is his rule over us.

Since our king modeled self-sacrifice, we too must sacrifice for the benefit of others.
Since our king modeled radical forgiveness, we too must be generous with our forgiveness.
Since our king gave everything for us, we too must give everything for him.

This is what it means to have Christ as our wonderful King.


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