Monthly Archives: November 2013

See | Luke 17:11-19

The story of how Jesus heals 10 lepers is about saying “thank you.” But it’s also a story about seeing. I love Jesus’ rhetorical questions after the Samaritan leper comes back to thank him for the miracle. “Didn’t I clean 10 of you? What happened to those other 9?” I think Jesus asks those questions […]

King | Luke 23:32-38

Today, on the last day of the church year, we remember Christ our King. Exactly what kind of king is that? A King Henry VIII kind of king? A King Tut kind? A Lion King kind? A Burger King kind? Luke 23 doesn’t describe any normal kind of king. The traditional kings of our imaginations […]

Forgiven and Forgiving

Forgiveness is a complicated issue. Remember Delmar getting baptized in O Brother Where Art Thou? He comes up out of the water declaring, “The preacher done washed away all my sins and transgressions. Neither God nor man’s got nothing on me now!” Unfortunately for Delmar, the baptism didn’t wipe clean his criminal record. As wise-guy […]

Challenge by Choice | Luke 9:18-27

“Spotters ready?” “Ready!” “Falling!” “Fall on!” My first paid job in ministry was with Wilderness Trail, where every week-long backpacking experience includes a couple hours on a Group Building Course. There youth can practice good communication (such as, “I’m about to fall so please be ready to catch me”), build trust (by – hopefully – […]

How The Story Ends | 1 Cor. 15:51-57

Cinderella was the first Disney movie my daughter got to watch. As we sat down to a family movie night, I was ready for a gleeful, starry-eyed reaction and hugs of gratitude for her dad and I. Instead, she asked to turn the movie off several times. Cinderella, as it turns out, is a little […]