We three kings of Orient are Bearing gifts, we traverse a-far. Field and fountain, moor and mountain – Following yonder star. So:  how did the “three kings” find Jesus? The followed “yonder star,” that’s how. The wise men made their way to Jerusalem because they saw Jesus’ star rise.  They found the exact spot when […]

Matthew 1:18-24 Let’s talk about having people over. Personally, I love having people over to our house.  I’m a social creature by nature.  My definition of “me time” is one-on-one time with a good friend.  If we have a Saturday with nothing on our family calendar, I’m perfectly content to make breakfast and piddle around […]

Luke 2:1-20 On Sunday we had our children’s Christmas play, where they reminded us of a very important Christmas message: All are welcome at the manger. All, meaning everyone. I hope this isn’t the first time you’ve heard that message. You might know John 3:16 by heart: “God so loved THE WORLD that he gave […]

Luke 3:1-6 I love getting wedding invitations in the mail. I can tell something’s up before I even open the card:  the paper is heavier than normal; the address is in a careful calligraphy; the titles are of an Emily-Post-approved formality.  Everything about it says, “This is no regular piece of correspondence; this is something […]

Happy Advent! Out in the world it’s been Christmas since November 1st, but here in the church we try to wait before that celebration begins.  We believe there’s something good in the waiting – a kind of forward-looking perspective that helps us understand why this birth is such a big deal. Today, I want to […]

“Jesus is King!” Is it just me, or does that statement sound… political? I’m not trying to be political; I’m trying to be liturgical!  Today is “Christ the King” Sunday, a day on our church calendar when we remember that Christ is our King – and if you think about it, we talk about it […]

1 Thessalonians 5:12-22 There’s a line from today’s Scripture that sounds like the front of a greeting card: “Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ for you” (1 Thess 5:18). Can’t you just see it:  printed in a flowing font; adorned by a happy rainbow; ready to be […]